The Steeliness website gets its name from the Admiralty’s Inspectors of Steel who were based in the main centres of steel production, The Sheffield office had the telegraphic address of ‘Steeliness.Sheffield’.

The website started in 2019 with my interest in Sheffield as a centre for the manufacture of naval armour plate and in particular the River Don Engine at Kelham Island Museum, which is a living reminder of what used to be the city’s largest industry. Over time my research has widened to include the history of South Yorkshire’s large iron and steel companies and of the people involved in them.

Steeliness draws its material from a wide variety of archives, without whose help the research that underpins the website would not be possible. The website will publish articles based on this research as well as original documents and transcripts about naval armour plate.

David Boursnell

Latest Updates

A report of visit to the Krupp works by John Brown & Co in 1896

May 2, 2019

This fascinating account is taken from a handwritten notebook and it gives a detailed report of two visits of a

Recent Articles

The Thames Iron Works: Pioneers of Armour PLate

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Description: The article is about armour making at the Thames Iron Works. The shipyard built HMS Warrior and made the armour for the ship by hammering iron into pl...

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Samuel Beale & Co, Pioneers of Armour Plate

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Description: This article is about Samuel Beale and Co, the Rotherham company who pioneered the rolling of armour plates for the British Navy. The company later be...

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